Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Cool Lane

So I went to Leeds for the first time this weekend to visit my beaut of a friend Claire. Due to our various states of hungoverness on the Saturday, shopping was not at the top of our agenda (shame cause Leeds looked like it had some great shops!). I did manage a quick dash into Primark however, and manage to grab a few bits and bobs...

All items from Primark, except nail varnish
I gravitated like a magpie to the shorts as soon as I walked into the shop, I can't resist a bit of sparkle. The koala print shirt reminded me of my recent time in Oz (oh to be in Sydney right now!) and I have been after some more shirts so this seemed like the perfect combo. Finally, I love the simplicity of the black backpack (and it makes me feel young and like I should be back at school, ha!).

Ciao for now...

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