Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Park Life

A beaut sunny November day combined with a park date with the boy seemed the perfect opportunity for my COS jumper to make its debut outing...

Jumper -COS

Jeans -Topshop (kind of similar!)
Boots -Zara (similar here)

I teamed it with a pair of Topshop jeans (N.B. 99.9% of my jeans are Topshop, Jamie specifically. I just love the fit, what can I say) that I hadn't worn in yonks. They had been stuffed in my 'must-Ebay-but-too-much-effort' pile, until the other Sunday I actually decided to do something about the pile of clothes lurking under my bed. Anyway, I usually only wear a skinny style but had recently been rebelling and eyeing up some looser fitted, 'boyfriend' style jeans (and recoiling at the thought of jean shopping, the only type of shopping I detest). So, it dawned on me as I was about to put these jeans up for grabs on Ebay (for being 2 sizes too big, hurrah!), that they might satisfy my momentary desire for a more relaxed fit jean. Obviously these are far fom being the perfect pair of jeans, but for the moment it is nice not to be overcome with that feeling of dread in a morning at the prospect of wriggling myself into a pair of Topshop skinnys...

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