Monday, 12 November 2012

Hell For Leather

Unfortunately, a rush to get ready for work of a morning does not always result in the most exciting outfit...

Jumper - Missguided
Skirt -River Island
Boots - River Island (old)
Bag - Urban Outfitters (old)

I like all these items individually; the River Island boots have been an old faithful for a few years now and 9 times out of 10 end up gracing my feet on a night out (comfy, high and black are always a winning combo with me). The skirt is another River Island goody; we all know everyone and their aunt is wearing leather skirts at the moment, but they are really versatile and look great paired with a loose knitted jumper for a more casual look.

The jumper is a Missguided purchase from a while back (still available!). Being a redhead means I rarely wear pink, but I just though the model in the photo for it online looked pretty darn good in it so that was me sold!

 The bag is another of my favourites; again I got it a couple of years ago (leather and stud combo has always had a place in my heart apparently) and it is so useful, easily transitioning from a day to night look. Now, I am guilty of being a girl that carries everything (including the kitchen sink) around with her, an oversized bag is normally surgically attached to my shoulder/elbow/hand. However, on the rare occasion I decide to break with tradition, this bag is sure to make an appearance.

Until another day...

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